Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma

On November 9, 1906, the Baptist General Convention of Indian Territory held its last session at the First Baptist Church of Shawnee. On the same day, the Oklahoma Baptist State Convention held its final session at the First Methodist Church of Shawnee. At a prearranged time, the two conventions then met, formed a line, marched two-by-two to the Shawnee Opera House and there formed the Baptist General Convention of the State of Oklahoma.

Just as the two conventions had worked separately to take the gospel to all the world, the newly organized Baptist General Convention adopted this same mission philosophy. The convention continued dual alignment with both the Northern and Southern Baptist Conventions until 1914 when it voted “single alignment” with the Southern Baptist Convention. From its humble beginning in 1906, with 882 churches and 40,617 members, the Convention has continued to grow and in 2017 there were 1,785 congregations with 579,476 members.

Nine Executive Directors have given leadership to this great convention since 1906, beginning with J. C. Stalcup. Taking office in 2018, Hance Dilbeck now leads this unique mission force of cooperating missionary churches.

The Convention’s mission spirit and its cooperation in taking the whole Gospel to the whole world is demonstrated in its partnership with Guerrero Mexico, Latvia, and Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The mission to evangelize and congregationalize all of Oklahoma is manifested in its cooperative outreach to African Americans as well as ethnic groups. Oklahoma Baptists worship in more than 29 languages weekly. Oklahoma Baptists continue to work together with local churches, associations, state conventions and the Southern Baptist Convention to fulfill the Great Commission.